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Modality: Face-to-face
Duration: 24 months
Time working: 366h
Prerequisite: Graduation in Medicine
Theoretical-Practical Training


Dr. Laercio de Stefano
Amanda Zamuner Rodrigues


Intensive Care Medicine and General Care for the Serious Patient
Presentation of the course and introduction to intensive medicine and the particularity of your patient.

Course - Airway Management
Unique opportunity for the student to learn in practice how to manage an important part of the respiratory system.

Intensive Care Pharmacology
Study of the main drugs used for patients in the ICU situation.

Hemodynamic Management
Blood circulation is addressed in its importance and its optimization.

Cardiac Intensive Care
Specificities of the cardiac patient undergoing intensive care.

Pharmacology applied to Cardiac Intensive Care
Details on the biochemical bases of the treatment of the cardiac patient.

● Course of Serious Infections in the ICU
Different types and the prevention of aggressive infections in the intensive care environment.

● Pharmacology of the main antibiotics used in intensive care
In this module the student learns how to properly know and manage the most recurrent antibiotics for inpatients.

● Adult Intensive Care Ultrasound Course
Opportunity for the doctor to learn how to perform ultrasound exams on inpatients.

● Management of Vasoactive Drugs in Intensive Care
Importance, knowledge and qualification of the intensive care physician in the management of drugs for vascular effects.

Intensive Care in Pneumology
In this module, topics related to patients with pulmonary pathologies in hospitalization are studied.

● Management of Sedoanalgesia in Intensive Care
All details regarding the combination of different types of sedation with pain relievers for inpatients.

Theoretical-Practical Course of Mechanical Ventilation
Handling of mechanical ventilation devices.

● Critical Patient Nutrition
The doctor learns the implications of nutrition for the inpatient and how to adapt it according to the evolution of his health status.

Nephrology and Endocrinology in Intensive Care
The dynamics of functioning of the patient's kidneys and glands are an important focus of attention for the intensive care physician and are the focus of this module.

Anticonvulsant Drugs
The most efficient drugs and their dosage are presented in order to avoid the seizure of the intensive care patient.

The focus of this module is the patient's neurological condition, with regard to the impacts of hospitalization, the protection mechanisms and neurological pathologies.

Brain Death Diagnosis
Biochemical and behavioral elements for the correct diagnosis of this condition.

Trauma therapy, burns, injuries due to physical agents, intoxications
Ways to treat the patient in the ICU due to specific injuries, with a greater focus on the presentation and treatment of the most common injuries.

Special Situations in ICU
The teacher will show less frequent cases in intensive care.


Difficult Airway:
You will receive practical training for obtaining airway in normal situations and in situations considered difficult. In addition, you will receive theoretical information and will have contact with the main devices available to obtain airway.

Mechanical ventilation:
Theoretical-practical course. You will receive the most current information on the physiological principles of breathing and the various modes of mechanical ventilation and specific situations. In the practical part, you will learn how to program the ventilator to deal with various simulated clinical situations.

Theoretical-practical course taught by specialist teachers in echocardiography and ultrasonography. You will receive all the information that the intensivist should know about echocardiography, pulmonary ultrasound, abdominal ultrasound and FAST. In the practical part, you will learn to perform echocardiographic, pulmonary and FAST evaluation in the living model. You will also receive training for guided venous access on a dummy.


Lato Sensu in in Adult Intensive Care
Hours: 366 class hours. Click on the image below and access the registration in MEC.



The course The Postgraduate course in Adult Intensive Care enables you to provide care to critical patients, identifying the main pathologies and turning to maintenance for life. The extension of techniques is performed through theoretical-practical training, providing you with skills that differentiate you from urgency and emergency physicians. You will be able to monitor systems and organs and provide special care in Intensive Care Units (ICUs),turning to humanized care in hospitals, clinics, health unit management and teaching.

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