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Modality: Face-to-face
Duration: 12 months
Time working: 444h
Prerequisite: Graduation in Medicine
Theoretical-Practical Training


Ana Canosa
Ma. Arlete girello Gravanic
Eliezer Berenstein
Dr. Ronaldo Zacharias
Invited teacher
Saulo Vito Ciasca
Sylvia Faria Marzano


Psychosomatic Approach to Sexuality
Introduction to the course and studies on sexuality as a broad phenomenon.

Sexual Pathophysiology
Study of sexuality based on deviation.

Affective Questioning and Sexualities
Questioning of affection and its implications with the different varieties of sexuality.

Sexual Complaints - Diagnostic Interview
The main complaints brought by patients to the doctor's office are presented and discussed, as well as a methodology to understand them deeply.

● Clinical Driving I
Practical activity of conducting clinical cases.

Clinical Management II
Practical activity of conducting clinical cases.

Clinical Management III
Practical activity of conducting clinical cases.


Sexual Complaints: Involves a technique called Home plan, where you work in a large group. In this structure, one student assumes the role of patient and another of interviewer, a configuration that alternates between different participants.
Clinical Conduction I, II, III: Practices performed with actors. The class is divided into groups to present clinical cases, which will be led by actors playing the role of patients. Students perform simulated care, with the objective of training techniques of care in sexual therapy.


Lato Sensu in in Clinical Sexology
Hours: 444 class hours. Click on the image below and access the registration in MEC.
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A Postgraduate in Clinical Sexology prepares you, through theoretical classes and practical training, to analyze and recognize the different aspects that articulate, determine and sustain the different sexual complaints and behaviors, identifying therapeutic possibilities that may improve the patients' quality of life, through the mastery of pathologies related to sexuality and psychosomatic phenomena capable of triggering diseases.

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