Modality: Face-to-face
Duration: 12 months
Time working: 444h
Prerequisite: Graduation in Medicine
Theoretical-Practical Training

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Jacques Vissoky
Luis Luis Slavutzki
Dr. Marcelo Pereira da Silva
Ricardo Moreira Martins


Introduction to Occupational Medicine
This course is designed to level students' knowledge of Occupational Medicine.
Physical risks
Description of the set of physical risks to which the worker is subjected in his work activity in order to prevent or treat them.
Chemical Hazards
Description of the set of chemical risks to which the worker is subjected in his work activity in order to prevent or treat them.
Biological Risks
Description of the set of biological risks to which the worker is subjected in his work activity in order to prevent or treat them.
Workplace Accidents
This discipline enumerates, analyzes and points to the possibilities of unexpected complications in the workplace, as well as prevention of these situations.
Ergonomics and Ergonomic Processes
It is the study of the relationship between man and machine, analyzing in detail the steps of this process to avoid risks caused in the activity.
Occupational Pathologies
Presentation of diseases caused by work activity and how to treat them clinically.
The class shows the Occupational Health Medical Control Program for doctors, detailing the rules for greater legal certainty for the doctor.
Occupational Security Engineering
Introduction to projects to be implemented in companies, in addition to recommending changes to them throughout their implementation.
Medical Examination
Understanding how to build a report for the purposes of legal proceedings.


● Consultation simulation to highlight and strengthen recognition of the basics of most frequently viewed occupational medical complaints
● Workshop to create an Occupational Health and Medical Control Plan
● Musculoskeletal physical examination of body segments with most prevalent labor complaints


Lato Sensu in in Occupational Medicine
Hours: 444 class hours. Click on the image below and access the registration in MEC.


A Postgraduation in Occupational Medicine prepares you to work in the field of Occupational Health, preventing and treating illnesses and possible accidents at work. The contents of the classes stimulate health promotion and practices that preserve the quality of life of the worker. You can work as a trade union advisor, teacher, professional trainer or business consultant, as well as working in hospitals, the judiciary, and state, health and social security agencies.

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